Stop calling them soft skils;they’re essential skills. put out an article about the top 11 reasons millenials get fired, and the top five are the need for independence, lack of confidence, anxiety, miscommunication, and that they lack vision. The main reason millennials get fired is because they can’t collaborate, they lack confidence in themselves and their decisions- which can lead to… Continue reading Stop calling them soft skils;they’re essential skills.

A song of procrastination and ire – week 36 as a PhD student

Learning to write

Game of Thrones clips are filling my procrastination periods this week; I do not know why. The interesting thing about procrastination is that it, for me at least, is spontaneous. If I could predict when and why I would procrastinate, it would be easier to avoid.

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This week has been a relatively good week as it was more balanced than usual. By balanced, I mean that the writing to lab work ratio was much more favourable. I have previously discovered that the best week for me involves writing and practical work; if I do too much of one or the other, I get bored and disinterested quite quickly. Two days of writing with three days of practical work seem to be the sweet spot at the moment.

I have noticed that my writing has improved; mostly it has improved in the fundamentals, grammar, punctuation etcetera. What I am finding hard…

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Sleep and a Baby


Ah. Sleep. Five letters, a short word, but it’s undoubtedly a central topic to new parents happiness (and sanity). I don’t have any sleeping advice other than the age old “sleep when the baby sleeps” (which I did and it is amazing advice), but I do want to share my experience with our sleep and our now (almost) 8 month old. If you follow me on Instagram, a lot of my posts lately are centred around sleep, and getting Alba a good sleep. I’m obsessed right now, and for good reasons.

** Before I share our experience, I do want to preface with this – you know your baby, and do what works best for you and your family. I am not a medical professional, and if you have any questions regarding sleep and safe sleep, please ask your paediatrician.**


We’ve been blessed with a good sleeper since Alba was…

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Don’t Get Me Wrong, I Love My Kids

Caitie's Thoughts on Life

Since the moment I first laid eyes on my daughter, I knew I would love being a mother. It’s amazing watching them develop and grow into their own unique personalities. Everything is exciting and new. The smallest things cause rapturous joy. That part of being a parent is amazing.

But we don’t often like to talk to each other about the other side of parenting. The stress, sadness, worry, even the anger. I think it’s important to talk about these things, to get them off your chest.

Some nights I’ll watch my children sleeping and think about all the horrible things that could happen to them in this world. From car accidents to bullies in school, it can be overwhelming to think about how you can possibly protect your babies from life.

Then they wake up and I wonder if it’s too late to give them up for adoption.. They…

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